Welcome to Ulftek!

Language Preservation Through Games and Programs

Preserving Languages

Ulftek is an indie video game developer specializing in small, often simple games and programs that can be used for the preservation and revitalization of endangered languages. The games are designed to have translations (provided by the customer) easily incorporated into them. In short, this approach works to add another weapon to the arsenal of those hoping to preserve languages.

Currently, Ulftek’s games and programs are only being developed for Windows PCs. There are future plans to develop for other operating systems, browsers, platforms, devices, etc.

Our games and programs are usually compiled into a single executable file. This is convenient for a number of reasons. First, our games and programs are usually small enough that having a single file is the best way to go. Second, single executable files do not require the hassle of being installed. Simply copy the file to a Windows computer and double-click it. Finally, our default policy is not one of “one purchase per user” as many software companies often do. Instead, once a game or program is purchased, the customer is allowed to copy it to as many machines as they like. This is easily done when there is only one executable file for the game or program.

Active and Passive Learning

Our games and programs fall into three main categories:

Category 1 – Light on game play, heavy on language content – An example of this would be a memory match style game. Another example would be a paint style program.

Category 2 – Light on language content, heavy on game play – These games focus more on fun than language learning. Any language content present is only for the sake of game play. For example, terms such as “start,” “high score,” and numbers to display the score. These games are great for immersion environments and passive language learning.

Category 3 – This category is a combination of categories 1 and 2, where a balance is struck between a focus on language content and fun game play.

How it Works

If a customer would like to have their language incorporated into one of our games, here is how it works:

1. Select one of our games or programs. Each game or program will use language information in different ways. The necessary language information and any specifics on customizations will be given along with the information for each game or program. More on this below.

2. Start a dialogue by contacting us.

3. The customer will provide any necessary language content as necessary (or are able). This includes, but is not limited to, translations, audio files, fonts, etc.

4. Aside from language content, other basic customizations are possible to indicate organization, tribe, group, etc. These will also be provided, if necessary, by the customer. For example, any logos, tribal seals, credits, etc.

5. Each game or program has a base price. This base price covers the adding of language content as it pertains to a particular game or program, and any basic customizations as mentioned in #4. Any customizations beyond this will add to the base price on a case by case basis.

6. Once the details have been discussed, a price quote will be given. If the quote is agreed upon by the customer, development will begin.

7. Once development has begun, and further customization is then requested by the customer, additional costs may be added to the final total on a case by case basis.

8. When the game or program is complete, a heavily watermarked proof will be made available for the customer to view and test to make sure it meets the previously discussed specifications. Once it passes inspection, and invoice will be sent, and payment requested. Once payment is received, a full, non-watermarked version will be made available to the customer.