Frequently Asked Questions

What language information is required to make your games/programs?
Most of our games or programs have similar things that can be translated, but they also usually have unique terms and phrases as well.  What is needed for each game or program will be listed on their respective page.

What devices do you develop for?
At this time, we only develop for Windows computers.  However, there are plans for other operating systems, devices, etc.

I have an idea that I’d like to see turned into a game.  Can you create it for me?
It is very possible, however understand that the development of a completely unique and custom game takes a great deal of time and effort, which means it will not be priced the same as our previously made games.

My heritage language is endangered, but I do not officially represent my people.  Can I still have a game or program made?
Absolutely, however any official logos, seals, etc., will not be allowed.

What if I am unable to translate everything in one of your games?
That is perfectly fine.  Translate what you can.

What if a game or program calls for audio files, but all I have is text?
For the most part, this should not be a problem.  Contact us and we’ll see what we can figure out.

How do the game and program titles work?
The titles listed here are intentionally generic, and are among the items to be translated by the customer.  In effect, the customer will naming the game or program they are purchasing by giving it whatever translation they deem appropriate.

How is the score handled in the games?
The score is handled using the Hindu-Arabic numeral system that many are already familiar with (1, 2, 3, etc.).  Many languages throughout the world use these symbols to represent numbers rather than write the words out.  This is often because trying to perform calculations with the words written out is much more unwieldy.  If a customer would like numbers such as the score written out in their language, a custom algorithm would have to be developed to handle it.  Contact us for details.

What kind of controls do the games and programs use?
As of now, all of the controls are done via the mouse and/or keyboard.  There are plans for controller capability in the future.

Are your games windowed or full screen?
By default, they will be capable of both.  However, the customer can determine whether their game will start in windowed or full screen.

What resolution(s) do you develop for?
Our games and programs are developed at a 16:9 ratio with a resolution of 1280×720.  This resolution is still high-definition, but it is also low enough to work with most computers and monitors.

The audio I want to use is on a cassette tape.  How do I get that onto a computer for you to add to the game or program I want?
Audio from cassette tapes, records, etc., can be recorded onto a computer with free software such as Audacity.  For an added cost, we can do it for you.

Once you have the necessary language information, how long will it take to add them to the game or program?
Depending on the circumstances, perhaps a week or two.  A more accurate estimate will be given during our dialog.

Why small games?
Smaller games are more realistic for a small developer.  Complex games, which would be terrific to use for language learning, require a significant amount of time to create.  Definitely not ruling anything out, though!

The menus and text look rather basic.  Why is that?
Remember that these games are in a basic form and ready to have language information plugged into them.  That aside, it would be a shame to show flashy demos that might not be possible in a given for one reason or another (such as font limitations).  That said, a bit of flamboyance can be added if possible.

What if I don’t like the color scheme?
Within reason, a few color tweaks, such as background or some font colors, can be made.

Can I give you a custom image to be used as an additional splash screen to go along with your company logo?

I purchased a game, and all seemed well at the time, but some time later, I noticed a glitch or bug in the program.  What now?
The issue will be resolved and a new build of the game or program will be sent to you ASAP.

What about pricing?
With each language having its own unique needs, it is difficult to give a static price.  Contact us to start a dialog.

How are refunds handled?
Refunds will be handed on a case by case basis, but except for extreme cases (such as unresolvable technical issues), there are no refunds.  Before purchasing, a customer will be fully aware of exactly what they are getting.

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