Treasure Hunt Maze Game


The Treasure Hunt Maze Game combines language learning with fun game play.  The player navigates different mazes to collect items along with keys to gain access to the next level.  Each level is a different color, with the name of the color displayed as well as the option for audio pronunciations of the colors to be played when a level is accessed.  The object of the game is to collect 10 items from chests.  Once this is done, the game is won.  Each time an item is collected, an audio file will play giving the pronunciation of that item.  Since the items collected in the game can be almost anything, multiple versions of this game can be ordered with different language content added based on the customer’s needs.  There are “enemies” in this game, however, they are child-friendly, and do not kill the player.  Instead, they simply teleport the player back to the starting point of the level they are currently on.

Language Content (provided by customer)

The “name” of each level is the color of that level.  These colors are red, black, yellow, white, brown, gray, orange, yellow, green, blue, and pink.  These are represented by text, with the option for audio files to be used, as well.

The 10 items collected in the game can be almost anything.  Numbers, types of food, animals, etc.  Audio files are needed for these items.  They will be played when the player collects them.

The game text can also be translated.  For example, the game title, menu options, the text in the “How to Play” section, etc.  This content is text only.

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