Snake Game


This game is a great way to teach food terms.  This game is based on the old “snake” type games where the player plays a snake, and after an item is consumed, the snake grows longer.  The goal is to eat as much as possible without running into your own tail.  This becomes more difficult the longer the snake gets.  When a food item is eaten, an audio file is played giving the pronunciation of that food.  This game has a retro aesthetic reminiscent of the old Atari 2600.  While the focus of this game is food terms, technically any kind of item can be “eaten,” which means multiple versions of this game can be ordered with different language content added based on the customer’s needs.

Language Content (provided by customer)

Audio files are needed for each item the snake can consume.  There is no set number on the items the snake can eat.  The game is set to use 25 different kinds of food (or items), but that can be reduced if the customer is not able to provide that many.

The game text can also be translated, but there isn’t much.  There is only the game title and menu items.  This content is text only.

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